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Project Design Plan
This experiment asks the question, “What paper towel is more absorbent for the price per sheet?” Will the more costly paper towels absorb a bigger spill therefore giving the consumer reasoning on buying the higher priced paper towel? This experiment will examine the absorbency of three different brands of paper towels and then compare the results to the price of the product to find the absorbency value. First, we will purchase one roll from three different brands of paper towels from the same store at retail price. It’s important to purchase the products at full cost or note what the normal
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Sequence of Events
An individual sheet will be taken from one of the paper towel brand roles and placed over a bowl that will be held in place by a rubber band. All pieces must be all the same size. Using a medicine dropper filled with water squeeze drop of water onto the paper towel in three second increments. The three seconds will be counted manually. Count the number of drops the paper towel absorbs until the paper towel drips into the clear glass bowl. Do this three times for each brand and then get an average for the three test samples.
Tools Required * Three different brands of paper towels * Bowl of water * Medicine or eye dropper * Rubber band * Empty clear glass bowl * Friend for family member to help out * Record sheet and pencil
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The independent variable will be the water dropping onto the paper towel. The dependent variable will be the paper towel absorbing the water and the controlled variable will be the three seconds between droplets onto the paper towel.

Internal Validity Threat Reduction
By following the experimental design written above one can reduce many of the threats to the internal validity of this experiment. If the steps are not followed exactly the same way for all samples the results will be inconsistent and will not be valid. Below are some

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