Egyptian Love Poems Essay

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1. Introduction 3 2. How they made sense of love 3 3. Girl, boy and society 4 4. 3 Themes of love prevalent in Love Songs 5 5. Conclusion 6 6. Work cited 7

1. Introduction

During the time of ancient Egypt's New Kingdom, love songs were recorded and later discovered by excavators. The importances of these songs are that they contradicted the perception which Egyptologists had of the ancient Egyptians. No longer were the ancient Egyptians viewed as being a dull society, focused on death and the afterlife, but rather a society with a love for living through loving love itself (Fowler 1994:xiv). Thus, in this essay, through analyzing the Ramesside love songs, I shall explore this different view
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What this illustrates is that love was not always the only ground upon which lovers could be together and also, that the ancient Egyptians viewed young love as being irrational and that one could wrongfully fall in love.

4. 3 Themes of love prevalent in Love Songs

Firstly, I found that love as being a challenge, was a clear theme which the authors of the ancient Egyptian love songs wished to convey. It is shown that love longs for commitment and also gives demands which need to be fulfilled (Fox: 1985:205). Perhaps this is the author’s manner of implying that being in love or staying in love is no easy task. Thus, in the songs, lovers are faced with various challenges which when accomplished, gives one the greatest pleasure of living, love. An example of this can be found in “The Crossing”, which illustrates how the boy had to swim across a river filled with crocodiles, in order to get to his lover (Fox: 1985:323). This I see as a metaphor for challenges relationships face and which needs to be overcome. Thus, one can note that an understanding of love as a mutual relationship with sacrifices, challenges and rewards is present. In the flower song the girl explains to her lover that after the time they had coyotes, she felt closer to him (Fowler 1994:26). Also, in the first poem of papyrus 500, the girl shows great

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